Let’s just begin by stating that one-on-one tutoring can be a dynamic and powerful incorporation into your child’s educational development. Just like traditional tutoring, online tutors provide students with the extra help they need after school, along with the added flexibility of scheduling.

Although online tutoring is gaining immense popularity, parents still battle with different concerns and questions – Is online learning worth it? Is it a feasible substitute to learning in a classroom, an additional requirement, or both? Is e-learning even a legitimate medium of instruction?

As a parent, your apprehensions are valid, and we truly understand that you want what’s best for your child. This is exactly why we compiled the top seven reasons why online tutoring could prove highly effective for your kids.

  1. Convenient and cost-effective: Online tutoring offers a lot more convenience and accessibility compared to conventional classroom-based teaching. Moreover, all-inclusive e-learning platforms such as Tutrrd deliver an extensive selection of courses and subjects to choose from. This way, your child receives easy access to expert and qualified tutors as well as multiple subject options at affordable prices. The best part? With Tutrrd, you also have the liberty to virtually schedule classes as per your child’s availability, including weekends and evenings!
  1. Personalized attention: Students studying in classrooms often fail to receive the personalized attention provided in an online tutoring session. Besides, owing to the one-on-one and uninterrupted time spent with tutors, your child will certainly retain more information, develop improved communication skills, and learn to tackle their academic challenges better. In this regard, Tutrrd guarantees personalized, one-on-one attention since our platform is mainly driven by an encouraging, judgment-free, and healthy learning environment.
  1. Minimal Pressure: In an online setting, students learn progressively and at their own pace, without the added pressure of performing well in a room full of students. As a result, your child will focus on completely understanding the given material before transitioning to a more challenging topic. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with your child’s tutor to ensure that all delegated coursework or assignments are promptly completed in order to gauge their progress.
  1. Engaging and interactive: A notable advantage offered by online tutoring is the tremendous potential for student engagement. Since children are primarily visual learners, the possibilities of flourishing in a virtual and interactive environment are endless! Web-based tutoring usually entails engaging activities, online resources, and multimedia-based tools to encourage children as they learn. Besides, to make the most of it, the tutor and student only require a stable internet connection and their respective computers or smartphones to proceed with the scheduled lesson.
  1. Access to highly qualified tutors: Tutrrd is well-recognized for being a dynamic e-learning platform. Here, we carefully screen and hand-pick highly qualified teachers possessing the proven competence to develop students’ cognitive abilities. Aligning with this, our database comprises an exhaustive list of tutors that are not only experienced in multiple academic avenues but also the very best in the industry.
  1. Targeted learning: One of the most beneficial aspects of online tutoring is that the teacher develops a personalized strategy to streamline your child’s tutoring lessons. The instructor begins with understanding the student’s specific needs, targeting areas that require additional help, and designs the module or course material accordingly. For an enhanced experience in terms of targeted learning, signing up for reliable online e-learning platforms like Tutrrd is definitely a great idea!
  1. Improved doubt-clearing: With the option to schedule sessions solely dedicated to doubt clearing, Tutrrd ensures that your child never worries about leaving a concept unlearnt. Doubt clearing sessions provide optimum clarity regarding tricky topics and challenging subjects. Students are also relieved from the social peer pressure of asking ‘smart’ questions in a classroom and instead, focus on getting even minute queries resolved with the help of their online tutors. 

Since you made it this far, we have a bonus advantage for your child! As a parent, you already know how easy it is for your kid to misplace their notes. However, when the notes are systematically stored online in specific folders or even on applications like Google Drive, Google Docs, or other web-based whiteboards, they can be conveniently accessed from anywhere at any given time. In an online class, students are encouraged to store the notes given by their tutors on the abovementioned platforms (or the e-learning platform’s database) so that they can be easily retrieved with just a click! 

In conclusion, these benefits, combined with the guidance extended by proficient tutors and innovative approaches to instruction, can make a tremendous impact on your kid’s academic future. Besides, students of all ages can greatly profit from this valuable model of online teaching and learning.

At Tutrrd, we ensure hiring only the most efficient, skilled, and expert tutors. This way, you wouldn’t have to be anxious about your child’s education and leave it to the professionals, without hesitation! So, head on to our platform right away, and discover all the amazing ways how online tutoring could prove effective for your child.

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