Get Tutored by the Best Tutors to Ace Your Academics!

 With 100% success rate, and undivided attention learn from the Tutors of your choice   

Get Tutored by the Best Tutors to Ace Your Academics!

 With 100% success rate, and undivided attention learn from the Tutors of your choice   

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay a fee to register myself on the platform?

No, you can register yourself for free on our platform.


What subjects does the platform provide?/ What can I expect from the platform?

Our platform caters to students from K-12 across all boards. We offer various subjects to the students as per the latest curriculum.


Can I choose my own Tutor?

Yes, you have the freedom to choose your own Tutor. After you choose a particular package, a list of Tutors will be displayed on the App for you to choose one to start learning.


What to do if I do not like my Tutor?

Tutrrd ensures that you get to learn from the top-rated and the best Tutors of India. However, if you wish to change your Tutor, you can book a new class with a new Tutor from the given list.


Can I subscribe to two Plans together?

Yes, on Tutrrd, you can choose two plans together, as per your academic requirements.


How can I pay for the Plans that I want to book?

For each Plan that you want to book, there are hassle-free online payment options. You can use a Debit/Credit card, UPI, Netbanking, Tutrrd Wallet, EMI, or a Pay Later option for making the payment.


How can I attend the classes?

You can attend the classes anytime and from anywhere using an Android mobile phone. All you have to do is log in and then attend the scheduled class.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much will I earn through Tutrrd?

You have the freedom to set fees that you wish to charge per class. With a high revenue potential, your average earnings may range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 2,50,000, a month, depending on the number of hours you teach every day.

Are there registration fees involved?

No, we do not charge teachers a registration fee. Signing up to be a teacher is absolutely free on Tutrrd.

Will I be bound by a contract or legal agreement?

No, you will not be asked to sign a contract or remain under any legal obligation.

What are the main subjects provided by Tutrrd?

Catering to students from Std. 1st to Std. 12th, across all boards, and up to PG, the subjects offered by Tutrrd include English, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Social Sciences, Environmental Studies (EVS), Mathematics, Marathi, Computer Science, and many others.

What will be my key roles and responsibilities, in addition to teaching?

As a teacher at Tutrrd, your added roles and responsibilities include understanding students’ learning requirements and helping them acquire innovative skills in order to strengthen their educational foundation, widen their career prospects, and discover new interests.

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