Upon learning a topic or concept in class, the student is likely to face certain difficulties or have uncleared doubts. However, getting their questions answered right away in a classroom setting is challenging. For instance, the teacher may be unable to devote undivided attention to a particular child amid numerous other pupils, or the student may feel shy, embarrassed, and afraid to speak up. This is exactly why e-learning platforms like Tutrrd provide students with personalized doubt clearing sessions in order to receive immediate, real-time answers from highly qualified tutors.

Choosing to turn to others, including teachers, and admitting that they don’t understand a specific topic isn’t easy for students. Some are conditioned into thinking that they ought to know every concept or topic and failing to do so results in immense frustration and dejection. But in fact, understanding where students require assistance and asking for help is a crucial step towards becoming responsible and mature adults.

Nevertheless, asking for help can be daunting, and approaching teachers – terrifying. So, here are a few ways to communicate and interact with your online tutor to get the most out of a doubt clearing session.

  1. Don’t overthink your questions: In order to completely benefit from the time spent with your tutor, make sure that you go into the doubt clearing session with targeted and specific questions. But, it is crucial that you don’t overthink your queries and doubts! Instead, know that your teachers genuinely want to help you, and firmly believe that there are no right, wrong, or stupid questions. As a result, teachers at Tutrrd encourage students to ask questions without the fear of being judged or criticized, to gain maximum clarity on challenging concepts.
  1. Be proactive: The ideal time to get your queries resolved is when you first realize you’re struggling with a particular concept and not just right before a test. Remember to be proactive and prompt in getting your doubts cleared to receive a quicker response from your tutor. The best way to do this is to schedule a one-on-one doubt clearing session offered by Tutrrd with some of the most capable teaching professionals on board.
  1. When in doubt, ask again: Why are one-on-one doubt clearing sessions such a game-changer? Because, you can confidently pose a problematic query to your teacher, and they can respond in real-time for more informed and better-researched answers. Even so, what if you don’t understand the concept, despite repeated explanations? It’s easy – you ask again, without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed! However, remember to be polite and avoid rude interruptions.

Here are a few phrases you can use to communicate your need for additional clarification:

  • “I did not understand what you meant when you said ______. Could you please repeat it for me?”
  • “Could we please go through _______ once more?”
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get you. What did you mean when you said _______?”
  • “I tried understanding what you meant, but this part was difficult to grasp. Can we please go over it again?”
  1. Isolate and identify your query: The best way to receive clarity regarding what you need help with, especially if the topic or subject is particularly challenging, is by isolating and identifying your questions. Accordingly, rewind, and go back to what you have learned in order to recognize where the concept begins to get tricky. You can also write the questions down individually for better assistance. This way, when you approach the tutor during a doubt clearing session, you won’t miss out on anything, and the time is utilized wisely. Moreover, Tutrrd also equips teachers with alternative approaches for addressing and resolving students’ questions, thus acquiring maximum advantages from a doubt clearing session.
  1. Ask for more practice materials: With careful and thoughtful consideration, Tutrrd appoints teachers who love being asked to assist students through their academic difficulties. So, do not hesitate before requesting additional practice or reference materials during a doubt clearing session, or even otherwise. As a student, you are the best judge of your academic expectations. Hence, extra help in the form of online course archives, tutorial videos, and practice test questions set by your tutor ensures that you are backed with sufficient resources for better preparation.

By following the above-mentioned approaches, you will be more self-assured and confident that your concepts are clearer, precise, and thorough. Consequently, your tutor will also receive the gratification of helping a student genuinely in need, rather than being pressured into teaching something new – irrespective of whether the former concept was understood or not.

Now that you know how to make the most of your doubt clearing session, it’s time to schedule one! With Tutrrd, one-on-one sessions solely dedicated to resolving queries and doubts are about more than just getting good grades. We believe that every student deserves a fair opportunity to seek help through an active approach, and that’s exactly what our e-learning platform stands for!

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