Families across the globe are continually adjusting to the ever-evolving changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. As education systems across the globe were compelled to use alternatives to traditional teaching methods, online or virtual modes of instruction and learning were adopted and implemented on an unprecedented scale.

Throughout the pandemic, most children effectively managed their online schoolwork independently, or with the support of their parents and tutors. However, some showed concerning signs, including difficulty in terms of focusing on the course material, trouble sleeping, irritability, loss of appetite, exhaustion or fatigue, and school avoidance, among others. This is exactly why acknowledging and understanding the reasons for your child’s worries, without panicking, is an appropriate approach towards positively reinforcing their online learning behavior.

And, at Tutrrd, we aim to strengthen the engagement between students and their parents by providing effective practices that can be used to supplement children’s online learning. Here’s how you can navigate the complicated emotions they may be facing, given the rapidly transitioning learning environment and patterns.

  1. Communicate and reassure – Nothing about dealing with a global pandemic is easy, but it really helps when children know they have someone in their corner, reassuring them that the situation will get better. Communicating with your children about preventative measures, in addition to acknowledging and talking to them about their fears and worry, can help minimize a great deal of anxiety. As a parent, this is also an excellent opportunity for you to help cultivate their flexibility, problem-solving skills, and interpersonal proficiencies, as they work through keeping up with their new, online-centric academic schedule, striking a healthy balance between schoolwork and other activities.
  1. Obtain additional help – Since the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the closure of schools and educational institutions, more students than ever before are reportedly falling behind grade levels. This aspect also holds true for students who did not face significant academic challenges in schools before. Hence, obtaining additional, affordable help in the form of online one-on-one tutoring through reliable e-learning platforms like Tutrrd is a great option! Online tutoring not only helps combat learning losses caused by the transition to an online-only medium of instruction but also reduces the rates of infection owing to zero contact.
  1. Help dispel misinformation – The COVID-19 outbreak is accompanied by a tremendous amount of false and misleading information about the situation, predominantly on social media platforms —these range from fake ‘cures’ against the virus and dangerous health advice to unfathomable conspiracy theories. Misinformation creates unnecessary panic and terror, and young minds often fall prey to such devices, given the lack of access to actual, evidence-based facts. Fake news sources also hamper students’ concentration and information-retention abilities while propagating elevated levels of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. Here are a few steps to effectively deal with the rampant spread of fake news and its subsequent impact on students’ physical and emotional well-being –
  • Focus on accurate, relevant news from officials and reliable sources
  • Answer their questions calmly, using an honest, age-appropriate, and unambiguous approach
  • Spend quality time with your children and understand their viewpoints
  • Be in constant touch with school authorities to remain up-to-date regarding further developments
  • Encourage safer and healthier behaviors associated with dispelling misinformation

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  1. Keep a check on their mental health – The ongoing sense of fear and hopelessness created by the situation’s uncertainty has taken a distressing toll on children’s emotional state. As a result, particularly in view of the pandemic, keeping a regular check on your kid’s mental health is absolutely critical. So, when you invite your child to talk about what they are feeling, recognize whether these emotions are overwhelming and persistent or impacting their ability to focus on regular activities, including schoolwork. Furthermore, children of families who lost their loved ones or friends to COVID-19 are at an elevated risk for mental health challenges and may need professional attention and counseling to manage and channel their grief.
  1. Build and maintain a daily routine – Online learning necessitates flexibility to remain active in the course material taught. As a result, it is important for your child to build, and stick to, a daily routine. By simply demonstrating empathy and openly speaking to your child about what needs to be included or excluded in their schedule can substantially foster their determination towards improving their academic performance. And if you have made the decision to boost your child’s educational capabilities with professional online tutors at Tutrrd, know that you will be provided with a personalized tutoring schedule, perfectly aligned with your child’s time preferences and convenience.

As the majority of educational institutions, places of mass gathering such as parks and recreational areas, as well as non-essential businesses remain shut, parents and guardians are establishing tireless efforts, striving to help children seamlessly transition towards the new normal.

We believe that it is important to navigate children through this unpredictable, new normal, especially in terms of reinforcing a sense of control over their academics, in a constructive manner. And, you don’t have to do it alone! Experts at Tutrrd specialize in helping your child develop an optimistic attitude towards learning and overcome the potential difficulties posed by virtual instruction.

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