E-learning has transitioned the dynamics of education, globally. As a result, more students, as well as teachers, are rapidly exploring the advantages of one-on-one online tutoring. Whether it is access to enhanced study materials, affordability, or flexibility, online learning certainly offers greater benefits for students and teachers alike.

Since online instruction is relatively new, with newer innovations and subsequent challenges emerging every day, the best decision you can make is to analyze the approaches suitable for effective teaching and learning. Be it an augmenting emphasis on utilizing technology in a virtual classroom or un-learning outdated concepts and re-learning existing theories, your responsibility as a tutor is to give your best during each class. And remember, there’s always room for being better!

However, if you’re just starting out your career as an online tutor, conducting an online tutoring session may seem complicated and daunting.

But, it doesn’t have to be!

Read on to understand the six easy, yet valuable steps you can immediately implement to deliver an immaculate online tutoring session, specially compiled by Tutrrd.

  1. Clearly schedule your lessons – Since timing is a key element of online tutoring sessions, preparing a clear, comprehensible schedule is vital. But, before you plan a lesson, ensure that you have a quick list of the key objectives for every class and remember to run through the itinerary before each session. In terms of explaining the course material to the student, it is a good idea to break down the information into reasonably smaller and easily retainable chunks for better comprehension.
  1. Prioritize interaction – Although it is relatively easy to incorporate enthusiasm and energy into a one-on-one tutoring lesson, it may seem challenging in a virtual setting. So, prioritize interaction during your lesson by asking more questions and encouraging your student to raise queries too. You can also use e-learning tools like videos, digital study resources in the form of presentations and pop quizzes, or even recommend interesting books and movies every class. Don’t be afraid of trying different approaches with your student until you find the exact thing that works well for them. At Tutrrd, our teachers perfectly understand that an online class is not a scripted monologue but an engaging, valuable, and interactive session!
  1. Dress well and address well – As an online tutor, your students need to be relaxed in your presence, especially owing to the lack of a traditional classroom and conventional methods of teaching. But, it would be best if you also established an aura of authority with them. Hence, choosing a smart casual attire for an online class is a great idea. Moreover, the background or location you’re in is as important as you are! Since it is very easy for students to get distracted by a cluttered or noisy environment, a simple background, perhaps against a plain wall in a quiet space, works best during an online one-on-one session.
  1. Acknowledgments and affirmations – Remember to be genuinely interested and involved in what your student is saying since this is one of the best forms of encouragement in a learning environment. Although praise is an essential part of learning, it is often neglected. As a result, it is important to appreciate your student when they score well on a test or even after they grasp a rather tough concept or topic. At Tutrrd, we believe that using positive words of affirmations and encouragement, especially the simpler ones, like ‘well done,’ ‘good job,’ or ‘I’m proud of you’ can go a really long way! So, make sure you acknowledge your students’ efforts and let them know that you truly recognize their potential to perform well.
  1. Use personalized study techniques – Study techniques and methods stemming from personal experiences are highly beneficial. So, make learning easier for your student by sharing personal learning hacks, as well as tips and tricks with them. These may include an easier approach to summarizing concepts and information, mnemonics, acronyms, mind maps, and others. You can also discover new tactics or experiment with different ideas and encourage your students to think out-of-the-box!
  1. Reflect – Self-critiquing your own performance will certainly transform you from a good tutor to a truly great tutor. After every class, make notes specifically on how a certain lesson went and how you could have made the session even better. What did the student struggle with? Did a particular area pique their interest more than the others? Which activities or concepts did they enjoy the most? Reflecting on the academic needs of your students enables you to maximize their potential to learn over the upcoming classes. Furthermore, maintaining notes of each positive aspect in terms of your tutoring will enable you to follow a similar process until it is an integral and regular part of your teaching regime.

At Tutrrd, our experienced teachers believe that the ideal online tutoring experience is where the student feels like the tutor is right beside them. With this in mind, we hope that these approaches help you deliver the best online tutoring session possible. But if you’re still on the fence about online tutoring being your forte, there’s absolutely no rush in making an informed choice by doing your own research, patiently and thoroughly.

And if you have already made your decision to pursue online tutoring, now is the right time to sign up to become a tutor with us!

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