Critical self-assessment is a healthy practice to get better and faster at work. Every new goal is accomplished with constant hard work and determination. For students, excelling in academics is a major pressure and parents have to be their mentors, instead of pushing them even more, to be in the competitive sphere. 

There are several critical self-assessment questions that need to be addressed by parents to understand the difficulties faced by children. In terms of new technologies and inventions, online learning has become one of the most important parts of a student’s life. They have to cope with academics and make sure that they balance out leisure time too. So, parents need to support their children and that can be done by criticizing themselves. Here are a few critical self-assessment questions that parents must ask themselves.

Am I putting pressure on my child to compete with his/her classmates?

Parents need to realize that pressuring their child to compete with someone else is a burden on their child. They must instead teach them to compete with themselves and be a better version of themselves. Daily practice and revisions on their own, by a personalized way of learning that is convenient for them to learn, is the most effective solution. Competition with others will not yield the best results.

Am I  comparing my child with others?

Another major issue is that many parents compare their children with those of others. Comparing rather demotivates a child. Instead, one must question them about where they are facing difficulties. Every child is born with a different level of caliber and that must be appreciated. If the child is facing an issue with understanding certain concepts then the parent must search for an alternative to their regular learning experience. They must switch to an interactive and innovative way that helps him or her comprehend the matter thoroughly.

Is my child too confused with concepts and terms?

Children often get confused with terms and concepts. They tend to by heart them and mugging up becomes a task. They must be taught to understand the concept instead of just learning them. They must be taught personally, by giving a one-on-one explanation. They can then try to understand things in a better and simpler manner. So it is crucial to know if your child is puzzled with many doubts.

Is it right to enroll the child in all extracurricular activities?

Yes, it is true that All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! But that doesn’t imply that your child should unnecessarily be enrolled in all extracurricular activities. Additional activity is meant for a child’s hobby or leisure time. He or she should not be forced to learn anything if he or she does not wish to. Learning and upskilling in all those other activities should not be a compulsion.

Am I able to give time to him/her in academics?

A lot of parents are working. They get too busy with their professional life that they lack understanding of the significance of their actions in their personal life. Every child needs care, advice, and attention. Parents have to balance their life by giving equal or more guidance to their children rather than just their careers. They should also work hard to make their child’s career the best.

It all depends on how parents motivate and understand their child’s requirements. There are too many facilities that can be opted for. E-learning makes academics easier and more convenient. Tutrrd focuses on providing one-on-one and personalized learning experiences to its students. They can book sessions on-demand and pay as they book a session. Such online means of help also relieve parents from being tense about their child’s education. So, it is important for parents to criticize themselves and recognize their children’s needs.

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