Thousands of Indian students desire to pursue their higher education internationally, and if you’re one of them, start conducting thorough research right away! Look into different universities, courses, and the location they’re based in, in addition to the course material, campus life, and employment opportunities. Remember to include scholarships, if any, and budget limitations as a pivotal part of your research, as well.

After you select your preferred course and shortlist universities, it’s time to apply!

However, this can be a tricky process since you have to focus on multiple things simultaneously. While everything must be done in a streamlined manner, overlooking essential aspects could lead to your application being rejected. And this is precisely why academic experts at Tutrrd have complied a college application checklist just for you. A quick look at this application checklist will give you an overview of the entire process, and you can easily strike the items off as you complete them. So, read on –

  1. Application – While some universities have their unique application process and form, others utilize the standard application method, enabling you to apply to numerous universities via a single portal. Typically, you can apply through the university’s website directly and submit all the required documents within the given time frame. While applying to more than one college via different online systems, ensure that you follow proper steps and fill in the correct details, including your personal and contact information, citizenship details, extracurriculars, internships and jobs, letters of recommendation, and the admission essay. Pro Tip: Remember to double-check all details before you hit submit and maintain additional photocopies of the application forms.
  1. Academic Transcripts – An academic transcript is an official and formal record of your educational history. It lists the information of all the courses you completed as well as your scores in each subject and class. As one of the most important documents required for your admission process, academic transcripts play a critical role in determining your eligibility for a particular program.
  1. Standardized Test Results – Standardized tests are key prerequisites to studying in an international university. Greater scores on assessments like GRE and GMAT for postgraduate programs and SAT, ACT, and AP for undergraduate courses help you stand out among other applicants and increase your prospects of being accepted. Remember, you will also have to submit the official results, besides listing the standardized test scores on your university application forms. So, keep them handy.
  1. Student Visa – After you are accepted to the university of your choice and have completed the admission process, including the payment of fees, the university will send you the necessary visa documentation. Following this, you can begin the application for a student visa, typically done online by creating a student profile. However, ensure that you start the process at least three months before your departure in order to avoid any last-minute delays and confusion. 
  1. Proof of Language Certification – International students enrolled in a course or study program with English as the medium of instruction need to demonstrate acceptable English language proficiency. This is done by submitting the scores of English language test formats including, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as well as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) PBT, IBT, and CBT. At Tutrrd, our teachers are impeccable and well-equipped in terms of guiding and preparing students for such competitive examinations. Since these assessments reflect how you use the language to work, study, and reside in an English-speaking environment, ensure that you have valid test results ready for submission.
  1. Vaccinations and Medical Examinations – Numerous countries need long-term visitors, including students, to undergo specific medical examinations and get certain vaccines before arriving in the nation. So, make sure you thoroughly check the requirements mandated by the country’s immigration services and book an appointment with your healthcare provider accordingly.
  1. Accommodation Details – Unless your university offers on-campus accommodation, it is your responsibility to determine the residential facilities when studying overseas. You can either look for rented apartments or find a local host. While the cost differs from place to place, remember that you may incur additional expenses such as water, electricity, and internet usage bills if you choose to rent a home.
  1. Paperwork – Here’s a quick list of the important paperwork you need:
  • University acceptance letter
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Copies of your student ID
  • Financial support details
  • Medical reports and vaccination details
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Flight tickets and passport

Now, what’s next?

Make sure you regularly check the online portals of universities you have applied, to confirm whether they have received all your documents and other required details. Although several parts of your college application are provided by others, including the letters of recommendation and academic transcripts, it is ultimately your responsibility to ascertain if everything is in place and submitted on time.

Know that there will be innumerable last-minute yet crucial things you will have to consider before leaving. These include finalizing the accommodation, medical and travel insurance, exchanging currency, compiling the documents needed for international student clearance, and finally, getting used to a completely foreign culture.

But remember, there’s absolutely no need to worry, and you’ve got this!

While we hope that this checklist was helpful, know that teachers at Tutrrd are incredibly proficient in guiding students through their college applications and assisting in preparing the documents needed for submission. So, head over to our reliable e-learning platform and find the best one-on-one online tutors only on Tutrrd.

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