Tutoring has always been pivotal, and there are several reasons why parents believe it is an ideal option for their children. Besides, with families looking past the unfair and prejudicial belief that tuitions are only for students who struggle with learning, tutoring is now being recognized as a valuable medium of instruction. Keeping these aspects in mind, web-based platforms like Tutrrd specialize in offering one-on-one tutoring with dedicated teachers that help students focus on comprehensive learning and overcome academic challenges.

While online tutoring can help develop essential learning proficiencies, the approach also strengthens subject understanding and builds confidence. Moreover, it provides students with personalized attention, otherwise lacking in a classroom full of students.

Still wondering if the advantages offered are worth it? Read on to learn more about the rewards of one-on-one online tuition –

  1. Minimized distractions: With the one-on-one teaching model, students can patiently listen to teachers without interruptions and distractions from other peers. Also, the communication between the tutor and tutee is predominantly student-oriented. Meaning, the student has more control over the doubts and questions they ask in order to obtain constructive feedback and relevant resolutions. This is precisely why teachers at Tutrrd are trained to pour undivided efforts into understanding their students and effectively focus on the individual challenges they face.
  2. Personalized attention, discussions, and conversations: One-on-one interactions enable students and teachers to develop mutual trust and understanding, owing to the undeniable benefits of personalized attention. Through individual lessons with Tutrrd, students have more confidence in their instructors, thus giving them a completely secure space to openly discuss concerns, doubts, and reservations. Emphasizing this advantage, tutors can suitably modify their course material and lessons to ensure that students make the most of their time, commitment, and potential.
  3. Decreased reliance on peers: Even in a fully-equipped classroom setting, students are likely to depend upon each other during tests and assessments. Besides, the student may feel hesitant to speak up or seek clarification on specific topics due to peers’ response towards their lack of understanding. However, in an exclusive online tutoring session, the student simply cannot rely on their classmates and is solely responsible for asking and answering questions. Hence, one-on-one tutoring plays a crucial role in raising students’ individual accountability regarding their education and learning.
  4. Encourages asking questions: Elaborating further on the aforementioned aspect, online-on-one tutoring facilitates students to ask questions that they wouldn’t normally ask in a classroom, surrounded by several others. In case the student fails to fully understand a particular lesson or concept, they can go ahead and clarify those doubts with their tutor in a confidential, online environment. It also minimizes the burden of pretending to understand a concept, even when the child clearly hasn’t.
  5. Enhanced academic performance: It is very challenging for a teacher to pay complete attention to each student in a classroom of nearly thirty pupils, if not more. Moreover, interruptions during class can adversely impact their ability to understand the subject material. It may also cause frustration and inadequate retention capacity because of overstimulation in a room full of peers. With one-on-one online tutoring via Tutrrd, instructors understand the student’s individual style of learning and implement appropriate teaching methodologies accordingly. Thus, students confidently place 100% of their attention on the lessons taught, determined towards improved academic performance.
  6. Targeted learning: Teachers at Tutrrd are proficiently skilled in terms of concentrating on academic areas that students particularly struggle with. This may include reading, writing, communication skills, mathematics, computers, science, or even languages. One-on-one teaching equips tutors with customized study material and learning techniques, tailor-made to balance students’ requirements. Mainly focusing on challenging subjects and concepts, targeted learning can be extremely beneficial for delivering a more profound and improved learning experience.
  7. Eliminates the fear of being judged: One-on-one tutoring can help lift a tremendous burden off a student’s shoulders, as they realize that the tutor is uniquely committed to resolving their academic conflicts, answering their questions, and helping them learn. With an all-inclusive online e-learning platform like Tutrrd, students do not have to be anxious about asking a ‘silly’ question or speaking out the wrong answer in a classroom bursting with students. Personal tutors encourage students to be themselves without the pressure of getting it right all the time. This aspect promotes a healthy learning environment and helps overcome the deep-seated fear of being judged.

Unfortunately, too many students silently ache in classrooms filled with numerous other peers, getting little to no attention from their teachers. As a result, children find it challenging to convey their difficulties and are likely to fall behind in classes or have their basic concepts deemed unclear.

However, with online one-on-one student-teacher communication and interaction, students can grasp topics faster, learn more course material, and truly enjoy gaining knowledge! In all, one-on-one online tutoring supplements what children already learn in educational institutions and also serves as a channel to engage in interactive and enriching sessions after school.

Personalized online tutoring is a fulfilling and rewarding approach for parents, students, and teachers alike. So, if you’re considering it, Tutrrd is the best place to start!

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