At this point, the majority of us have witnessed our kids learn online to a certain extent ever since nationwide lockdowns began amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And you, as a parent, understand first-hand the difficulties and challenges presented by distance learning. Although it can be a tough job to keep your kids focused in an online learning setting, given the distractions rampant in a home environment, you can effectively navigate through the new learning style and help your children tackle it with ease.

It comes as no surprise that a major disadvantage of distance learning, as per teachers, parents, and students alike, is dealing with distractions. All the cacophony going in and around the house makes concentrating on the lesson a rather difficult task for kids. Besides, looking at the computer or smartphone screen for prolonged hours is not intellectually appealing or engaging either.

Since Tutrrd specializes in successfully conducting one-on-one online lessons taught by experts from the academic field, we have listed five effective ways to help your kids focus and engage during online classes.

  1. Fix a dedicated learning space – A dedicated study spot that ensures minimal distractions and encourages collaborative interaction is absolutely important for online learning. You can begin by selecting at least one spot for your child to study and attend online lessons in, ensuring that it is specifically utilized only for academic activities. An emphasis on a fixed learning space is vital because it is a physical representation of your child’s concentration and dedication in terms of achieving their educational goals. For improved results, you can also ask your child to help decorate the space and arrange it in a manner that works best for them!

Know that when your child sits down to attend an online lecture from an individual spot every day, they will exclusively associate it with studying and solely focus on the academic perspective of a virtual classroom. However, in case having a dedicated study space is not possible, you can transform a suitable spot, such as a desk or table, into a learning area as methodically and seamlessly as possible.

  1. Take regular, meaningful breaks – After you help your child find a fixed space for attending online classes and participating in school-based activities, it is important that they have some time and space away from learning all day. Whether it is by setting alarms or preparing a flexible schedule, make sure you let your child know when is a good time to take a proper break. Remembering to take regular, meaningful breaks will greatly enhance your child’s focus and retention capacity, thus enabling them to feel refreshed, active, and rejuvenated instead of over-worked, strained, and exhausted.
  1. Easy access to snacks and water – Well, you already know that your child’s famished tummy is directly linked to reduced concentration and disengagement. While online lessons do not include physically rushing to their next class, your kid will likely get thirsty and hungry in between the non-stop lessons. It may also get distracting if they begin touring the kitchen for a glass of water or some snacks instead of concentrating on the lesson. So, to avoid this, place a bottle of water, juice, or smoothie as well as some healthy, nutritious snacks close to their designated study space for easy access. This approach would certainly work wonders in terms of keeping them focused and engaged throughout the class. Here are some healthy snacking options –
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Frozen grapes
  • Air-fried chicken nuggets
  • Sandwiches
  • Carrot or cucumber sticks
  • Biscuits and cookies
  • Fruit salad
  • Oatmeal
  • Granola and muesli bars
  1. Build an adjustable routine – The unprecedented shift to online lessons and virtual classrooms owing to the global pandemic has completely changed students’ former, basic schedules. As a result, in order to smoothen the transition, it is important to build an adjustable routine that incorporates proper breaks, regular meal times, and some added exercise for improved productivity. Moreover, building an adjustable or flexible routine will also make your child feel less anxious and apprehensive because they will know what to expect from their day, thus encouraging them to better adapt in a virtual setting.
  1. Eliminate all possible disruptions While several children can effortlessly work in a busy or chaotic environment, others find it extremely difficult. Since it is not physically possible to eradicate unavoidable distractions like the noise of oncoming traffic, focus on eliminating the ones you can easily deal with. For instance, ensure that other family members are already aware of your child’s online learning schedule to curb distractions such as a loud television or clanging vessels. In addition to enhancing the learning environment, make sure that your child’s regular school essentials, including pencils, erasers, and laptop or smartphone chargers, are well within reach, so they do not have a hard time re-focusing on the material taught after spending minutes looking for supplies.

At Tutrrd, we make sure that online learning is not only engaging but also valuable and rewarding. However, distractions while learning in a virtual setting may emerge due to boredom or the challenges instructors face in adequately catering to students’ academic needs. This is exactly why our reliable platform emphasizes personalizing e-learning since we strongly believe that student-centered education should be the norm. If you are ready to choose the right online tutor for your child and help them focus and engage more during online classes, Tutrrd is the right place to begin!

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