Welcome to the twenty-first century of online education! Technology has revolutionized the classroom environment during the previous decade. New advanced learning and teaching technologies are brought to the market with each passing year. These instruments and technology make teaching easier and more knowledgeable of next-generation possibilities. The advantages of utilizing these devices are enormous, from enhancing productivity to broadening your instructional toolset and testing with fresh and novel teaching approaches. So, let’s say you’re new to online tutoring and aren’t sure which gadgets to get your hands on. In such a case, we have curated a list of the most Affordable Gadgets Required for Online Tutoring that will help you in conducting online lectures:

1. High-performance laptop or desktop for Online Tutoring

Because you will be tutoring online, you will only require a nice laptop with excellent performance. When selecting a laptop for online education, there are several factors to consider. The first is the screen size, followed by the operating system, and finally, the laptop’s ability to handle high-quality graphics and data storage. The screen size could optimally be between 15 inches to 17 inches if it’s a laptop. For a desktop, you could go up to 22 inches of the display as portability is not a factor for desktops. Keep in mind that you would also need a good resolution as well for creating visuals and media for your classes and lectures. The resolution should be more than 720 pixels to achieve the intended result. The operating system by Microsoft, called ‘Windows’ is the one which is widely used and does the job really well. However, you could opt for Mac OS, manufactured in Apple’s laptops only and Chrome-based OS, which comes with certain other laptop series. For desktops, Windows should be your choice. For online tutors, data storage will always be a concern. As a result, a Solid State

Drive (SSD) is favoured over a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) since it reduces boot time, and is less prone to damage. Consider using cloud computing services for storage as well. Purchasing a laptop with at least 4GB RAM is advantageous. Because 4 GB of RAM implies your laptop will run easily, as the majority of your work will be done online. Alternatively, if your budget allows, choose 8GB-16GB RAM. It makes a significant difference.

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2. Fast and reliable internet connection

 The optimal internet speed you should have for conducting online classes is 2 MBPS to 10 MBPS. This level of internet speed is recommended for supporting both live chats and live lectures in great quality, apart from uploading content and files. If you want to create HD live courses or sessions as part of your online course, this speed range is highly recommended.

3. Webcam

The webcam is a popular technological tool for online instruction. Many laptops include built-in cameras that may be used for video conferencing. However, if you want to improve the image quality or are going to use a desktop, you may utilize a backup webcam.

Look for a webcam that can support 720p or greater resolutions. Microsoft and Logitech are the most common brands of webcams, and they are well-known for their high quality and basic functionality. Consider buying a tripod too!

A tripod can let you deliver an online class lesson while walking away from your laptop to write something on the marker board.

4. Headphones with a Mic

The other must item for online tutoring is high-quality headphones or earphones. You don’t want them to repeat every question three or four times if you’re teaching them online, so dialogue between you and your kids should be clearly audible. They will be able to listen to you clearly, and you will be able to hear them clearly if you use a good headset.

Choose wireless headphones so you may use them while giving a standing lecture or discussing anything on the whiteboard. Avoid purchasing a large headset that can bother you while speaking.

Don’t buy a headset just because it’s inexpensive; instead, seek one that meets your needs.

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5. A marker board

A blackboard or a whiteboard is definitely recommended as you are used to teaching in a classroom. So this acts as a comfort zone for you and is also very cheap, affordable and very resourceful. You could always buy a blackboard, but we recommend you to go for a whiteboard. A whiteboard eliminates the use of chalks. All you need is 2 or 3 markers of different colours and their refilling ink bottles, and you are all set. Whiteboards are also lighter in weight as compared to blackboards and thus opting for good quality, mid-sized whiteboard that does not occupy much space in your room should be the best choice for you. Online learning have started getting a lot of traction and viability since the pandemic. With so many advantages and ease of access, it surely has become mainstream and so it is here to stay. As a teacher, if you are looking to start your career as an online tutor, visit Tutrrd and sign up today!

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