Indian parents consider education as being extremely important and they take every measure possible within their power to ensure that their children secure top grades. Also, most of the parents felt the need of putting their kids in Offline Coaching Class or Online Home Tuition in order to ensure their kid’s academic success.

The ever rising level of competition has forced the students to push themselves over their breaking point to excel in their examinations, to get into the cut-off (nearly 100%) is required for a renowned college.

Unfortunately, schools provide little guidance for students, as school teachers normally manage a classroom of more than 20 kids and are unable to give each student the individualized attention necessary to meet their learning needs. Therefore, in order to perform well in board and competitive tests, personalized attention is a must.

Now the question arises, What should you choose as a parent for your kids? Online Tuitions Or Offline Classes?

Offline Classes, because of health and safety concerns, is not the go-to medium of tutoring any more. So, considering the resources of students these days it is most convenient to attend online home tuition.  Especially, when you consider the fact that almost all the specifications and features of offline tuition classes are being replicated in the online tuition as well.

All in all, it is safe to say that online home tutoring is better in a lot of ways for your child.

Here are the 4 Ways in which Home Tutoring is Better:

Personalized Attention

Each child has a unique learning style and requirement, thus learning must be given at a speed that enhances their learning. One of the biggest benefits is the personalized guidance that a student gets at home from a qualified tutor. In one-on-one home tutoring, tutors adapt their methods, strategies, and teaching styles according to the particular student they are teaching to.

Interactive Learning

With one-on-one interaction, students also have the opportunity to examine concepts, and it is assured that the teaching of the following concept begins only after the previous has been fully understood by the students. Multiple assignments and tests are also offered to students, which is a great way to effectively clarify concepts.

Comfort & Convenience

The student can take online tuition at a convenient time and from the comfort of their home. Moreover, an online class enables the tutor to be accessible to the students throughout the day to answer questions, help with assignments, or prepare for exams. Students can follow a timetable that is convenient for them and their parents rather than being forced to adhere to a strict schedule in order to keep up with their academics.

Increased Tutor – Student Time

One of the main benefits of online courses is the increased time for one-on-one interaction between students and tutors. The tutors are available to the students at all times to help them with any homework problems, but breakout rooms and other similar tools also allow for more one-on-one live engagement between the students and their tutors.

Particularly for students in grades 6 through 12, who must spend a lot of time in class because of a comprehensive curriculum and demanding extracurricular activities.

Get All these Features  in One App – Tutrrd

Online tuitions on Tutrrd App has a competitive advantage over offline classes that will go a long way in shaping the career of children and help them in having a fulfilling learning experience.

Tutrrd is a 100% Live Online learning platform, moving toward more nimble, lower-priced, digitally interactive tuition for students all over India from K-12 at the comfort of their homes. Tutrrd is here with the best and 100% live online one-on-one tuition App to make home tutoring an experience better than that of an offline class, helping students to have a balance between their school life and tuition. 

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