Online tutors in India play a critical role in reinforcing a student’s success in a virtual classroom. While the approach of online teaching provides students and tutors with a wide range of advantages, it requires certain skill sets, slightly different from in-person learning.

So, if you’re looking to register with Tutrrd as an online tutor in India or are interested in other teaching opportunities at online institutes and schools, it is imperative to understand the skills that make you an efficient teacher in an online class.

Below, we have listed the core skills that every online tutor must possess and simple ways of effectively developing and utilizing them.

  1. Communication – Since online tutoring sessions necessitate concise and clear instruction, you must develop stronger verbal and non-verbal communication skills. At Tutrrd, teachers are trained to establish a supportive learning environment with students, based on adequate communication, mutual trust, and understanding. Moreover, improving your proficiencies associated with the use of videos, audios, and graphics for communicating with students in a virtual setting is super important, as well.
  1. Time Management – Between scheduling lessons, assessing tests and exams, preparing presentations, and actually teaching, it is natural that you may feel overwhelmed, especially in terms of accommodating everything into the allotted time slot. To tackle this, begin by making a weekly schedule, organized according to priorities, and ensure that you start and end the scheduled class on time. Pro Tip – Grade tests and assessments as soon as possible, and do not keep your student waiting for their results any longer than necessary.
  1. Patience – Remember, every child learns at a different pace. So, if you have to patiently explain a specific topic multiple times before your student finally gets it, know that it is an integral part of your profession. And well, if you agree that patience is one of your key virtues, now is the right time to sign up to become an online tutor in India with Tutrrd and implement your tutoring skills better!
  1. Technical Expertise – As an online one-on-one tutor, developing the required skills and knowledge pertaining to web-based tools and solutions is pivotal. Here are five technical areas you must be proficient in –
    • Following proper decorum and generally acceptable online policies
    • Capability to troubleshoot minor technical problems
    • Elementary understanding of the technology required in a virtual classroom
    • Evaluating and effectively utilizing online resources
    • Scheduling and executing suitable lesson plans for online learners
  1. Easy Accessibility – A major part of an online tutor’s job is to be available when parents or students have queries or need prompt academic assistance. Since classes are not held in person, it’s best if you could provide them with alternate ways to easily get in touch with you, including your email address and phone number. And, make sure you respond in time for quick and efficient one-on-one help!
  1. Adaptability – Adaptability in an online tutor, is a greatly sought-after quality. When things do not go as planned in a virtual classroom, it is vital that you think fast and prepare for the unexpected. For instance, in case of technical issues or unprecedented glitches, you can swiftly move to a different approach and adjust your instruction style and study material accordingly. This is why we recommend using Tutrrd’s reliable e-learning platform, which assures minimal technical issues and facilitates a convenient as well as flexible teaching experience.
  1. Subject Knowledge – As you begin teaching a specific topic, your expertise in that particular arena is absolutely crucial. Besides, when you already have a good grasp of the subject to begin with, personalizing teaching methods when necessary becomes easier, ensuring that every student effectively grasps fundamental concepts with ease.
  1. Interactive – Teachers answer innumerable questions, give advice, and direct as well as guide students on a daily basis. However, some students may not be able to retain information learned through an online course. Hence, at Tutrrd, we emphasize the importance of an interactive, virtual classroom. It not only enables the child to bond with the tutor but also helps them retain the course material better.
  1. Encouraging – The best online tutors make every one-on-one session a positive and engaging experience, despite the distance. When students know you are a supportive and encouraging instructor, they are motivated to ask questions and are more at ease while asking for help.
  1. Understanding – When faced with difficult behaviour, you must remain calm and composed and not give in to the urge to retaliate. Instead, acknowledge their concerns by using a different, innovative approach to put forth your point and articulate your academic expectations. At Tutrrd, our teachers are well-equippedin navigating students through challenging concepts with immense understanding and patience.

Although virtual classroom teaching requires the same foundation as traditional instruction, it incorporates a greater measure of technology and virtual support systems. As a result, this creates a productive environment, advantageous for optimum learning.

However, it is essential to note that technological resources will not entirely relieve you of your responsibility to build advanced skills through professional guidance. So, while you’re focused on conducting online lessons regularly and efficiently, you must strive to continually nurture pre-existing skills and develop new proficiencies, as well.

If you believe you have the skills above or would like to refine them further, Tutrrd is just the right place for you! So, sign up to become a teacher with Tutrrd today!

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